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Vending Services

Mill Creek Vending is the premiere vending company of the Tri-State area. We deliver, install, refill, and remove products, machines, and supplies for our vending customers. Our client base consists of loyal and satisfied customers from large and small firms and everything in between.

We serve a wide range of companies including:

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Corporations
  • Hospitality/Hotel
  • Malls
  • Industrial Locations
  • Hospitals
  • Schools/Universities


Below you will find an overview of the types and scope of products that we can deliver to your location. We pride ourselves on being able to customize a selection that specifically meets your needs. If you don’t see what you want, no worries! We have a full list of inventory options that your employees will love. At Mill Creek Vending we strive to keep our product line fresh and exciting. We note personal favorites and work to keep your machines stocked with the most popular items at all times!


We are a preferred vendor for all Coca Cola and Pepsi products. We can also supply you with products from Snapple, Inca, V-8, Monster Energy Drinks, and Poland Spring Water. Additionally we can provide a selection of other bottled waters, assorted fruit juices, diet drinks, and sports drinks.


Probably one of the most used beverage in any business environment is coffee. Mill Creek Vending will provide you with a premium coffee setup including all necessary supplies. We are partners with one of the few authorized Keuring Distributors in New Jersey.


When those at your location get the munchies, they will find a fresh and ample selection of snacks. We offer items such as: M&Ms/Peanut M&Ms, Snickers, Twix, Twizzlers, Doritos, Wise Chips, Snyders Pretzels and Nibblers, and more!

Healthy Snacks/Food items:

As the demand for healthy snacks expands, we are proud to have been in the forefront in meeting the needs of our customers opting for these healthy selections. We can customize your machines to provide healthy options such as Granola Bars, Trail Mix, Nut Snacks, Fruit Snacks, Smart food Popcorn, Fat-Free products, and more.

Plus we can stock your vending machines with Fresh Food Items—just ask us! We also can provide catering upon request.


For those that have a sweet tooth, Mill Creek Vending provides a selection of Pound Cake, Honeybuns, Famous Amos Cookies, and more!

Paper Products and Plastic Utensils:

Those using your vending area will surely appreciate the fact that Mill Creek Vending can keep you stocked with a full line of coffee cups, napkins, paper plates and plastic utensils appropriate to your chosen vending selection.

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